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Rick and Wendy Falls. Parents’ to 3 boys and 1 girl, they have an American Eskimo and are the proud grandparents of 2 boys. As residents of White Rock, they are very pleased to live and work in such a beautiful seaside city. Not only are they suppliers of a host of vitamins and supplements but also many other aspects of healing. From Wendy’s fine-tuned intuition and superior product knowledge to the sophisticated Quantum physics found in the INDIGO Biofeedback machine healing is always the main focus. Our most recent therapy offered is the Bioenergy Mat offering Crystal, Far infrared Negative Ion PEMF and photon Therapy’s all in one mat and all at an affordable price. Pay for a session or buy the mat for your home.

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Not only is there a huge selection of crystals and salt lamps but also many forms of protection from the harmful EMFs found in cell phones or emitted from their towers. Come on in and speak with Wendy or Anna about the benefits of these Crystals.

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About Val

Valerie is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and has also studied at The Quantum Academies using the Indigo Biofeedback System. She is passionate about helping everyone achieve their best health through nutrition. Valerie is dedicated to finding the correct eating plan to suit your individual needs.

Valerie takes an integrated approach to determine your specific nutritional requirements. She works with client’s to determine the root cause of health concerns through symptom analysis and allowing the body to naturally balance and heal itself with nutrient dense foods and lifestyle management.

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“Absolutely love walking through the produce section at the new Natures Market in White Rock and seeing only “Certified Organic”
Choices is so much further to go. But I will say that going through the health supplement department I found that Health Express has them beat hands down on price on all the items I buy. I bet the others do as well. The manager of the health department said he would match any price but honestly do I want to quibble over all the stuff I buy. Not a chance in hell. I will be shopping at Nature’s Market for the goods that I now get from choices but I will be going to Health Express for all my Health supplement, essential oils, vitamins, protein powder etc because their price is better and they really look after you and really care…

- Shar Ramage


Health Express is a supplement store providing not only vitamins and minerals but fresh ideas towards a healthy lifestyle.


Health Express
1550 Johnston Road
White Rock B.C.
V4B 3Z7

(604) 536-4360

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