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Creating an impact in people lives is what makes us love our job. Our supplements recommendations are science based, yet we consider body as a whole with mind connection as an integral part of holistic healing. We are available for a consultation or for a chat, before you decide to shop our products. 

Stop by on weekdays to talk one on one with our in house Holistic Nutritionist, Ashley.  She always enjoys supporting people with their goals around holistic health, including personalized recommendations for your body, mind & spirit.

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Living in modern society where everything is fast and accessible brings some other disadvantages that might lead to disbalance and ultimately illness. At Health Express we blend modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural product forms where we would like to stimulate the healing power of the body. Even if you are healthy, balanced diet is not enough. Appropriate supplementation is necessary to reach the optimum overall health.

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Health Express offers wide variety of supplements and natural health products. Vitamins, minerals and amino-acids are building block of our bodies and all bodily functions. Herbal products are given to us by nature to apply and heal with the right application. We also offer natural cosmetics, purifiers, hygienic products. All our products are from verified suppliers that are Health Canada approved and tested according to regulative.

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At Health Express we offer biofeedback program that uses Quantum physics found in the INDIGO Biofeedback machine. Biofeedback is a snapshot of body and a great tool that can show what supplements are needed as well as what foods should be added or removed from diet. This service is provided by Valerie Mrakuzic a registered Holistic Nutritionist.